Duo Dimeo, an exciting new musical collaboration by classical pianists Racquel Borromeo and Victor Dizon, will be organising Tonal Fusion, a concert in New York on Sunday May 13 to benefit Move the Nuclear Weapons Money. Duo Dimeo will be joined by musicians from Stony Brook University, in a program of two-piano ensembles composed by Rachmaninoff, Copland, Lutoslawski and Bolling.

This collaboration of composers and musicians is a celebration of peace in a world of conflict‘ says Racquel Borromeo. ‘The composers come from three nuclear armed States and one allied state – United States, France, Russia and Poland. Yet their music transcends borders and political differences, utilizing the universal language of music and demonstrating that harmony can be achieved despite conflicts and differences.’

Tonal Fusion is the inaugural concert of Duo Dimeo, which was established to create performance events supporting social issues. Duo Dimeo performs a range of well-known and lesser known pieces for two-piano ensembles, or for two pianos plus accompanying instruments.

The concert is happening concurrent with the first High-Level United Nations Conference on Nuclear Disarmament, scheduled for May 10-16, and the civil society action Count the Nuclear Weapons Money.

Over the next ten years the nuclear-armed States plan to spend $1 trillion on nuclear weapons,’ says Holger Guessefeld, concept creator for Count the Nuclear Weapons Money. ‘This is a huge amount that we will demonstrate by counting it out $100 million per minute over 7 days, and announcing what this money could instead be used to cover. With this money we could end world hunger, provide education for all children, ensure basic healthcare for everyone and protect the climate.

‘We are excited about the Tonal Fusion benefit concert,’ says Alyn Ware, Member of the World Future Council and one of the organizers of Count the Nuclear Weapons Money. ‘Music connects, engages and inspires, and this new collaboration of Duo Dimeo is especially inspiring.’

In addition to organising the benefit concert, Racquel and Victor will participate as honorary money counters in Count the Nuclear Weapons Money. They invite others to join the mix of musicians, artists, sports stars, actors, youth, religious leaders, war veterans, activists and others who will be counting the money.

We are making visible to the public this colossal waste of money,’ says Gene Seidman, Project Director of Count the Nuclear Weapons Money. ‘We encourage you to come along to the concert, and to join us to count the money $1 million per second – to really understand what we could do with this money.’


Get your tickets through Tonal Fusion eventbrite.

Your support needed

As none of the $1 trillion has yet been transferred from nuclear weapons to areas of social need, Total Fusion and Count the Nuclear Weapons Money need to raise funds for these events. Go to gofundme.com/tonal-fusion to contribute to the concert, and to donate to contribute to Count the Nuclear Weapons Money.